Switzerland: stability, predictability and security have been hallmarks for decades. Thanks to this stable environment, the small country has become Europe’s number one business location. Its liberal economic policy, a culture of accuracy, punctuality and cleanliness, as well as its political independence have engendered a strong presence of international companies and organisations. The country boasts a high quality and level of education and outstanding labour market conditions.

Greater Zurich Area: the new “First District” is located in this economic heart of the country. Its proximity to the international hub that is Zurich airport represents an added advantage, as it meets all of the mobility requirements of discerning, demanding corporate management. Both the Canton and Greater Zurich Area are characterised by a vibrant education infrastructure (Zurich University, the Federal Technical University ETH, and a technical college), fuelled by a well-educated population. Corporate taxation is moderate as compared to Europe and is a further reason for international companies to make their home here.

Lots of room for the good things in life: Zurich’s entertainment and cultural scene (day and night) is distinguished by classical culture (the opera house, ballet, a concert hall), the fine arts (numerous museums) and an exciting, trendy nightlife with shows and events of to suit just about any taste. The indoor stadium (Hallenstadion) with its high-level international events and shows featuring appearances by mega stars is just a ten-minute car ride from the “First District”.