All roads lead to the “First District” The Zurich airport region can easily be considered the best-developed area in the country!  Employees and visitors have an almost unlimited selection of transport services to choose from.

Air travel: 89 airlines take you to over 170 destinations in 65 countries around the world.

Local transportation: fast and elegant, the new Glattal railway runs every 15 minutes, taking passengers to various destinations including the Zurich Main Station. Given that it has its own line, this train is never impeded. 13 local bus services and the S-Bahn commuter train ensure 900 daily connections in the region.

National transportation: the airport station of the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) has a dense schedule that provides frequent regional and long-distance connections.

Private transportation:  the “First District” is directly connected to the A51 motorway via a slip road. The Zurich-East and Aubrugg junction and its T-junctions gives drivers easy access to Zurich, the Zurich Oberland region, Chur, Grisons and Winterthur, St. Gallen, Berne and Basel.