In the middle of it all: Situated immediately adjacent to Zurich airport, the “First District” has everything one would expect of a global business area. It is accessible from all over the world, exudes an international flair and facilitates efficient transfer to the Zurich city centre and the rest of Switzerland. Yet it’s only a few minutes from the arrival gate at the airport to a business partner or company head office in the “First District”. This business district has its own commuter train station, a station for the local Glattal railway and four bus stops. It takes just 3 minutes to reach all check-in terminals and 10 minutes to get to the Zurich Main Station.

By the way: As all land reserves of the “First District” are located outside of the actual airport premises, this avoids the security checks and other measures that are in force when entering, visiting or making deliveries at the airport. 
At the gateway to the world: 24.3 million passengers, 279,000 flights, an extensive shopping area and a wide variety of transportation options have long since established Zurich airport as a major global hub.                                                                                 

  Flight times1Non-stop flights2
Munich  0h 57 min              7-9 
Milan  0h 57 min              6-7
Frankfurt  1h 05 min          10-11
Paris  1h 15 min          12-13
Brussels  1h 15 min                  6
Berlin  1h 25 min            8-12
Rome  1h 32 min                  4
Amsterdam  1h 38 min                10
London  1h 44 min          18-26
Barcelona  1h 47 min              5-6
Madrid  2h 22 min              5-6
Stockholm  2h 25 min              3-5
Moscow  3h 20 min                 4
New York  9h 10 min                 4
Beijing  9h 45 min                 1
Hong Kong11h 35 min                 2
Shanghai11h 55 min                 1
Tokyo11h 55 min                 1

1Flight times from ZRH
2Number of direct flights per day

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