The time is right: Priora’s land reserves at Zurich airport are situated in coveted locations. Today, along with parking lots, the superbly developed areas are dotted by many structural relics dating back to the history of aviation. The fact that it currently projects the atmosphere of an industrial area in no way reflects the multifaceted quality and potential of this location.

The direction is clear: Priora has realigned the area’s urban development in the context of a master plan. Its transformation into a vibrant cosmopolitan, work and service-oriented space has already been initiated. An attractive, newly designed environment will form the backdrop for an emerging place of knowledge and work that fosters communication and interaction. The first construction projects have been approved and are ready for realization in 2017.

In a nutshell: The “First District” brand is being forged as one with high intrinsic value, rapidly identifiable on an international scale. Expressing the essence of its location in the immediate vicinity of the airport and the city of Zurich, it underscores the area’s positioning as an airport city. “First District” encompasses parts of the current Priora Landside portfolio. This includes properties outside the actual airport premises, which consist of three large, coherent subareas that are geographically distributed across the boundaries of the municipalities of Zurich-Kloten and Zurich-Opfikon.