From area management to real estate strategy: The “First District” encompasses developed, ready for construction properties covering roughly 150,000 square metres at a prime location. Priora is therefore responsible for a comprehensive process of urban evolution with high sustainability standards. Part of this evolution is the new positioning and packaging of these sites into the “Global Business Area”. The new business district aims to realise these goals:

  • creation of business spaces for contemporary business models
  • profiling the site with the image of being appropriate for nationally and internationally operative companies and their flexible spatial requirements
  • conducting international marketing to attract lucrative companies or the establishment of their headquarters
  • generating prime addresses for companies with high demands in a quality location
  • developing and grow a stabilising industry mix in clearly defined business areas
  • commitment to a commuter-friendly integration of the public transport networks meeting the modern standards of comfort and convenience
  • creation of enhanced complementary offers for staff and visitors
  • establishing prominent urban patterns in an innovative setting as an upgrade for the overall region